DAB:30 Ladies' Apparel

Looking for gear for your head to your cheeks? Come check out our ladies' apparel line!

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DAB:30 Vapors

This line-up of fresh new flavors are "mouth-watering" and made from the highest quality flavor extracts.

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DAB:30 Men's Apparel

Show em what time it is with this line-up of men's apparel!

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Who we are


We are the community of cannabis users...we believe that anytime is a good time to partake of our favorite plant! Whether that be via a big ol' dab of wax, a perfectly rolled blunt, or maybe a tasty edible...we believe that hemp is one of the most versatile and helpful plants on the planet and we're committed to getting the word out and sharing quality cannabis based products.

We currently offer an apparel line with the classic DAB:30 logo and a line of the best quality e-liquids available.

Our promise to our customers

We are committed to providing you a stress-free shopping experience. We are certified secure and will never share or sell any information you leave with us. We will always strive to treat you the way we'd want to be treated, and if you have any issues with your product, please let us know and we'll make it right!